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My name is Colleen and I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist trained to post graduate level at the internationally renowned London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

We all need a little help from time to time. My role, as your hypnotherapist, is to work with you in a caring, empathetic, and professional way, to identify the root causes of your concerns and co-create a treatment plan best suited to you.

My approach is to empower you to take responsibility for your future by enabling you to make the changes in your life that you most want to achieve.

I believe that positivity breeds positivity. The spiral of the unfurling fern is symbolic of new life, personal growth, and rejuvenation. It is found in cultures ancient and new all around the world. It is a powerful symbol of inspiration at times when it matters.

The spiral also represents the fundamental relationship of mind and body. When these are at odds we risk slipping down a spiral of increasing ill-health and unhappiness. By alleviating the stresses of the mind and adopting healthy ways we ascend the spiral to contentment along with the physical strength and confidence to cope with life. That’s where hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy works by relaxing both mind and body together. In this state our unconscious mind is freed from critical thoughts and every day cares. In this safe and deeply relaxed place, I can help you reflect on issues, reframe them, and explore options for the future. Negative thoughts can be reduced and positive suggestions reinforced to achieve positive outcomes.

I believe passionately that you have the key to your inner power to change. I’m here to help you unlock your strengths.

Contact me now as your first step up the spiral to a better you.

Colleen Rawlings
Founder and Principal hypnotherapist – Fern Leaf Hypnotherapy

Please email me here or call
07957 205345

Advisory Note: You shouldn’t use hypnotherapy if you suffer from psychosis or certain types of personality disorder. If you have any type of mental health problem or serious illness, you must seek advice from your doctor before engaging a hypnotherapist.

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