Build Self-confidence

Doubt your own abilities? Look to others for guidance? Avoid situations for fear of failing? Don’t trust your own judgement?

Lack of self-confidence erodes our ability to do things, even the things we are good at. It stops us enjoying life. We become reluctant to attempt tasks and we avoid situations where we fear failing. It can be life-limiting, leaving us feeling anxious, stressed and unhappy.

No need. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve your life goals. How wonderful to feel confident, relaxed and in charge of your life again.

Don’t let yourself be held back any longer.

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Self-confidence is a measure of how we feel about ourselves and our abilities to cope with a challenge or carry out tasks – like making a presentation, driving a car, or developing a relationship.

Our sense of self-confidence, our belief in our ability, naturally grows as we get better at things. It can dip when we fail or when we are low and feel tired or run down. These sorts of swings are natural and normal.

But many of us suffer from low self-confidence despite being good at things and even when others tell us we are great. Our unconscious forms a set of beliefs about ourselves independent of real life. When our minds hold unreasonable, self-limiting beliefs they can lower our self-esteem making us unhappy and holding us back from achieving our life goals.

Hypnotherapy and self-confidence

Hypnotherapy is very effective in freeing the mind from self-limiting beliefs. It works at the unconscious level enabling our minds to reframe our perception of ourselves and respond to positive suggestions to bring about changes in our lives.

Hypnotherapy will rebuild a healthy sense of confidence and self-worth empowering you to fulfil your potential. You will be your true self again: confident in social situations, less reliant on others, energised to take on new challenges, excel at the things you are naturally good at and stand-up for the things that matter to you.

I know how frustrating and miserable doubting yourself all the time can be. We’ll collaborate to understand the underlying cause of your lack of self-confidence or self-belief. Together we will develop a strategy to rebuild your self-confidence and achieve your life goals.

Set yourself free. I’m here to help.

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