Build Self-esteem

Feeling worthless? Overly sensitive to criticism? Disliking yourself? Needing reassurance? Lacking motivation?

Lack of self-esteem is a debilitating, frustrating and life limiting condition. It need not be!

Don’t suffer anymore. Right here is where you regain your self-respect and find the self-confidence to get back on with life.

Self-esteem is how we perceive ourselves. It is all in the mind. Self-esteem comes not from outside sources but from the self-respect we hold for ourselves within us.

Using hypnotherapy, I can help you find your inner strength again and rebuild your self-esteem. Your outer being will then be a true reflection of your inner strength. Your rejuvenated self-confidence in your own worth and abilities will shine through leaving you feeling empowered and back in control of life.

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Self-esteem is developed throughout our lives by our life experiences from childhood through to now. Important to this is how well we deal with life and how we respond to the challenges and inevitable knocks and set-backs along the way. If we let things get us down, then our self-esteem can diminish. If we build some resilience and are determined to learn from experiences by reflecting on them positively, then we can maintain or build our self-esteem.

If we feel good about ourselves our self-esteem is healthy. We feel have self-confidence in ourselves and get on with life. On the other hand, when our self-esteem is low we tend to focus on the negative and even the most mundane of tasks are beyond us. That is when low self-esteem becomes unhealthy and can impact on our physical and mental well-being. Relationships suffer and personal and work situations may become intolerable. It is vital we do not let ourselves get to this stage. Hypnotherapy is highly effective in drawing on our inner strengths to reframe our thoughts diminishing the negative and focusing on the positive.

You really can make that change and I really want to help you unlock your power to do so.

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Poor self-esteem

People experiencing poor self-esteem can experience all or many of the following:

  • an overwhelming desire to please other people – to seek love and reassurance
  • hypersensitivity to criticism – seeing even the gentlest of constructive feedback as hurtful
  • feeling worthless – believing nothing they do is any good
  • disliking or even hating themselves – perceiving themselves to be failures
  • suffering guilt and blaming themselves for things that aren’t their fault – victim syndrome
  • believing no one likes them – can’t believe anyone would
  • lack of assertiveness and unable to make decisions – low in self-confidence
  • being negative all the time
  • lacking motivation
  • feeling hopeless, depressed, and undeserving of happiness – life not worth living.

Tips for improving self-esteem

  • Avoid negative self-judgement.
  • Connect with and surround yourself with positive people – people that love or respect you.
  • Learn to be assertive – you don’t have to be a ‘people pleaser’ all the time – set boundaries and take control of your own decisions.
  • Focus on small wins – praise yourself and make a note of any compliments you receive.
  • Express love, empathy, and kindness – sharing your appreciation of others raises your sense of self-worth.
  • Take care of yourself – sleep well, eat well, dress well, exercise if you can.
  • Practise self-hypnosis and amplify all the things that make you feel good about yourself.

When you are really down many of these things may seem out of reach. That is why you need hypnotherapy to release your inner strength to do them. I’ll help you reframe negative thoughts and learn how to build on the positive. Once you have regained your resolve, practicing the special self-hypnosis techniques I will teach you and following the tips above you will regain control of your life.

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