Manage Pain

Pain getting you down? Safe, effective relief is just a call away. Suffering from: Migraines? Arthritis? Nerve damage? Sports injuries? Phantom limb or other problems?

Whatever the cause, using hypnosis I can train your mind to turn down your level of pain and change it from hurt to a comfortable feeling. I’ll teach you self-hypnosis for you to use anytime you need to. Imagine the relief and the joy of regaining control of your life.

Sound too good to be true? You’ve heard of the expression ‘mind over matter.’ In the case of pain this has a firm basis in science. How we experience pain is all in the mind. Hypnotherapy is uniquely capable of influencing the mind and changing how we feel and relate to pain, offering effective relief without the side effects of medication.

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Pain and hypnotherapy

Pain is natural. Pain protects. Pain tells us something’s wrong. The cause of pain should never be ignored. If you do not know, visit your doctor.

With your doctor’s consent, hypnotherapy can be used for alleviating the discomfort and stress of both acute and chronic pain caused by: migraine, arthritis (and osteoarthritis), nerve damage, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, sports injuries, slipped disc and many others conditions.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for relief of pain during or after surgery, childbirth and when the use of pain killers is not appropriate. Long term use of pain killers can lead to dependency and unwanted side effects, whereas hypnotherapy is safe and empowering.

Chronic pain particularly can cause stress and anxiety leading to further physical deterioration and depression. How we feel pain and how we respond is conditioned by our minds. That is why hypnotherapy is so effective.

Call me now on 07957 205345 or email me here  and discover for yourself the power of hypnotherapy for the relief to your acute or chronic pain

How we experience pain

Whether the pain is acute or chronic, caused by physical or pathological reasons, the way we experience pain is conditioned by what goes on in our brains. The thalamus part of our brain sends pain signals to three different regions:

  • Somato-sensory Cortex – that deals with our senses and thus the intensity of the pain
  • Frontal Cortex – that deals with our perceptions and thus the meaning we give to pain
  • Limbic systems – that deals with emotions and our emotional reaction to pain.

These different regions communicate with each other to condition all factors of intensity, meaning and emotional reaction and ultimately our overall experience of pain.

Our brains can amplify it or turn it down depending on how it perceives the context of the pain. The old saying ‘mind over matter’ is very true. Hypnotherapy takes advantage of this by working with the mind to change our perception of pain and our experience of it.

Does hypnotherapy pain relief work?

I can say without any hesitation that hypnotherapy is very effective in alleviating physical pain and there is a wealth of clinical evidence to support this. I have been using hypnotherapy successfully with patients at a local hospice to manage pain and reduce the fear of needles.

The way people respond to hypnosis, like any psychological or medical technique, is not the same. Most benefit enormously, some find it helpful and most find it makes pain more tolerable. For some it does not work and medication is still required. I will always work in partnership with your doctor to ensure what is best for you.

For those patients that respond very well I never aim for complete anaesthesia except for dental anaesthesia, childbirth, terminal illness, and conditions such as phantom limb pain. It is important to leave some sensation so as not to mask the onset of new causes or worsening of a condition.

For more information on types of pain, pain pathways and how our brains condition our experience of pain read more.

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