Stop Smoking

Ready to stop smoking? You are one session away from giving up for good

Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven to be the most effective way of quitting smoking. Clinical studies on thousands of cases across the world show repeatedly that hypnotherapy is far more effective than will power and nicotine patches. Read more

Just think about all the health benefits you are going to enjoy and the self-respect you will gain by stopping. What will you do with the all the money you are going to save?

Hypnotherapy is so effective because it works by harnessing the power of your unconscious mind to change the way you feel and behave leaving you feeling relaxed, confident, and free from cravings. The relaxation of mind and body eliminates the stress and irritability that other forms of quitting can leave you with.

If you are up for this, one session will be all it takes.

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What the session will be like

One two-hour session is all that is needed to change your life.

We’ll start with me taking a case history so that we can both be clear on your motivations for wanting to give up smoking and the benefits you most want to enjoy. These reasons could signify a turning point in your life. Then we’ll agree on the best approach that most suits your needs. I know that working together to develop a strategy is far more empowering and effective than me imposing an ‘off-the-shelf’ approach.

I’ll then take you into trance and, while you are fully relaxed in mind and body, I’ll guide you on how to draw on your inner motivations and strengths to make the lasting changes needed to quit for good. I’ll equip you with some simple but effective breathing and other techniques to reinforce your new feelings and behaviours. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed, calm, and self-confident you will feel. Truly a new you – reaping the health and financial benefits, and feeling great about yourself.

Why do you want to give up smoking?

  • Are you worried about the cost of maintaining your habit?
  • Do you want to quit to improve your health?
  • Are you feeling out of breath, suffering palpitations, coughing too much?
  • Do you fear getting cancer, suffering a stroke or a heart attack?

Perhaps you are thinking about the effect your smoking is having on others – your partner, your family or maybe the health of your unborn child if you are an expectant mother?

Whether this is a new decision or you have relapsed previously and are determined to try again, act now. Fern Leaf Hypnotherapy is your one-stop shop where you can achieve your goal.

Reason for not quitting smoking?

Have you been limited by your thinking that smoking is necessary to cope with stress and anxiety? Perhaps you feel it is expected of you in some social circles or you have rebelled against being ‘told’ what is good for you? Are you fearful that it will lead to weight gain or simply because you do not want to lose the temporary pleasure of inhaling? Maybe smoking serves as a ‘comfort blanket’ to mask deeper-seated emotional or psychological needs?

These things can serve as an ‘excuse’ to smoke making it hard to stop.

What caused you to start and to carry-on are important factors to be considered when developing the best strategy with you. These factors can be addressed during hypnotherapy by reframing negative thoughts and reinforcing positive ones.

Fern Leaf Hypnotherapy believes that you do have the power within you to become a non-smoker. Success will boost your moral and enhance your self-esteem. Now is the time to take control.

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Benefits of not smoking

Stopping smoking leads to immediate health benefits that increase with time. Straight away you will feel healthier, happier, and proud of yourself. Your sense of taste and smell will improve, you will feel more alive. You will have increased your life expectancy and within a year halved your chances of a heart attack.

Those close to you will notice that you no longer smell of stale tobacco and the risk your smoking caused them will have been eliminated for good.

You are likely to save thousands of pounds a year that you could put to much better use – and the cost is only going to go up! Hypnotherapy pays for itself within the month for a 20-a-day smoker.

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