Colleen is a volunteer hypnotherapist at Heart of Kent Hospice, during her time with us she has worked with individuals, and has established a hypnotherapy group for patients and carer.  Group members get amazing support and encouragement with issues such as physical and emotional pain, anxiety and stress, their feedback shows that attending the group is really beneficial to them. Colleen is very professional, personable, and a skilled hypnotherapist and we are delighted to have her as a colleague.

Beverley Hodson – Heart of Kent Hospice  


Colleen starts off with a brief history of hypnotherapy and dispels any myths or misconceptions.  My first session with Colleen was great and for the first time I really felt a sense of calm and peace despite my terminal illness.  During my first session with Colleen, I focused on a colour and after another session my focus colour became more vivid and I felt myself relaxing even more and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Colleen has such a beautiful voice that carried me away to my favourite place of relaxation.  I emerged from the session feeling Wow-ed, energised yet calm and peaceful.  During my session, I learnt how to ‘turn down my pain’ using a metaphor and imagery – it was fantastic!  It really helped to control my pain and anxiety.  I now have the ability to take myself to my favourite place and use the techniques taught by Colleen.  This is the BEST thing I have done since my diagnosis.  I have been using Colleen’s technique, which has helped me during treatments and scans. I can highly recommend Colleen.

HJ – Kent


I have been attending regular hypnotherapy sessions with Colleen for nearly a year. Her treatment has been a great help to me. I find her a very helpful and thoughtful person. She always makes time to explain fully what is happening. She has obviously studied the subject in great detail. Thank you so much for my CD on sleep. I find it very soothing. Well done!

Barbara – for chronic pain management and insomnia


Just a short note to say how much we have enjoyed your hypnotherapy course. It has been very interesting as well as helping us on a practical level. All the exercises have been very helpful. Thank you for being so supportive and enthusiastic; we have really appreciated it.

Brian and Jane – for anxiety, change, and fear of the future/ability to cope


The hypnotherapy group session delivered by Colleen went very well. She is very good at teaching hypnotherapy. The sessions were extremely helpful for my needs. I enjoyed them a great deal. It was an excellent course. Colleen presented each session very clearly and simply, and there was a good mix of explanation and practical hypnotherapy each time. The whole course was very interesting and helpful. Colleen has a lovely manner and is very enthusiastic.

Theresa – 12 week hypnotherapy group session 


Thanks to Colleen and the hypnotherapy course sessions I feel that I now have practical tools to help me cope with a very distressing situation.

Margaret – for anxiety and change


Thank you, Colleen for understanding my problems so well and helping me gain the courage to speak-up in class. I feel so much more confident now and I’m not afraid when the teacher asks me questions. I am enjoying school much more.

Name withheld – for self-confidence and public speaking


I can’t thank you enough Colleen. You helped me understand that my insomnia and restless leg problems were caused by a deep-seated anxiety over a family issue. Your hypnotherapy sessions, two by Skype, not only gave me the best sleep I have had in years, but you helped me find the courage to seek reconciliation with my daughters.

Mick – for insomnia, restless leg and anxiety


My experience with Colleen was a very positive one. I suffer from a rare condition, which affects my ability to move my muscles and they can become very painful. Colleen showed me a technique that I still continue to use which helps me a lot. I really like the timbre of her voice, which has a really nice resonance to it. I enjoyed my sessions with her very much and made an effort to see her even when I had had problems. She is a good listener and really cares which is a rare find these days. She encouraged me to relax and I felt safe and calm in her company.

Linda – for pain relief and relaxation

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